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Irena - Director

The passionate founder of Vazati Management, Irena keeps our business running seamlessly. With extensive experience and a clear vision, she motivates our team to deliver the very best services to our clients and their guests alike.

Wita - Operational Manager

Wita, our efficient and insightful Operational Manager, takes care of our overall operations. She also oversees quality control and manages the operational team and managers, ensuring smooth sailing around the clock.

Dedicated Managers

Our management team also consists of multiple Villa Managers as well as a Duty (Night) Manager and a Housekeeping Manager. Each of these team members is committed to maintaining the quality of your villa and ensuring every guest has the best stay possible.

Head Office Team

We have a team of hardworking professionals behind the scenes who provide every service your villa could possibly need. These team members include an accountant and an administrator, as well as human resources and marketing communications staff.

Operational Team

Vazati Management wouldn’t be the same without our talented Operational Team who are on the ground working hard to deliver your guests the very highest levels of service. This team consists of a housekeeper, gardener, engineer, delivery team and pool attendant. We hire only the very best, and these individuals work together like a well-oiled machine to keep everything running seamlessly.

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